Grammar. The Articles. Almaty is the largest  city of Kazakhstan. Word order. Word buildings of Nouns and Adjectives

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Пән:    Шет тілі

Тақырып:   Grammar.         The Articles. Almaty is the largest  city of Kazakhstan. Word order. Word buildings of Nouns and Adjectives.

Caбак максаты

Білімділік: Жаңа грамматикалық тақырыпты түсіндіре отырып, ағылшын тілін терең меңгертуге үйрету.

Дамытушылы:  Студенттердің сөздік қорын байыту, ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту.

Тәрбиелік: Студенттерді адамгершілікке,ынтымақтастыққа, ұқыптылыққа,                       сауаттылыққа тәриелеу.

Сабақ түрі: Білімді бекіту қорытындылау.

Әдіс-тәсілдер:   Баяндау,түсіндіру,әңгімелеу, сұрақ-жауап.

Құрал-жабдықтар,көрнекті құралдар:  оқулық, сөздік,түрлі суреттер

Сабақ барысы

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

Organization moment

I         Good morning children!

Who is on duty today? I am

What date is it today?

Who is absent ? –all are present

What season is it now?

Who is absent today?

                                  Бекіту жаттығулары


Жаттығу №1.

Көп нүктенің орнына артикль қойыңыз:

  1. This is … book. It is my … book. 2. This is … man. 3. There is … chair in the room. 4. Have they got … car? — Yes, they have. Their … car is very expensive but reliable. 5. Have you got … calculator? — — No, I haven’t. 6. Is this … watch? — No, it isn’t … watch, it’s … pen. 7. This … pen is good, and that … pen is bad. 8. I can see a pencil on your table, but I can see no paper. 9. I have … sister. My sister is … engineer. My sister’s husband is … doctor. 10. I have no … handbag.


Жаттығу №2.

Көп нүктенің орнына a/an немесе the артикльдерін қойыңыз:

  1. He hasn’t got … car. But he’s got … computer. … computer is new. 2. My friends have got … cat and … dog. … dog never bites …cat. 3. This is … tree. … tree is green. 4. I can see three … boys. … boys are playing. 5. I have … bicycle. … bicycle is black. My friend has no … bicycle. 6. Our …room is large. 7. We wrote … dictation yesterday. … dictation was long. 8. She has … ball. … ball is big. 9. I got … letter from my… friend yesterday. … letter was interesting. 10. When they were in Geneva, they stayed at … hotel.



Жаттығу №3.

Көп нүктенің орнына қажетті артикльді қойыңыз:

  1. This is ___ pen. It is his ___ pen. 2. He has ___ sister. His sister is ___ journalist. His sister’s ___ husband is ___ engineer. 3. We have no __ books. 4. . Their ___ apartment is large. 5. This __ shirt is good, and that ___ shirt is bad. 6. I see __ pencil on your __ table, but I see no ___ paper. 7. Take __ apple, please. 8. We have ___ dog and __ cat. 9. I have ___ book on ___ table. 10. This is __ flower. ___ flower is beautiful.


Жаттығу №4.

Төмендегі сөздерді қолданып, қажетті артикльді қойыңыз:

Bicycle, capital, cigarette, play, difficult language, kitchen, nice day, next train, roof, small hotel.

  1. Rome is________________ of Italy.
  2. When we were in London, we stayed at ___________.
  3. Can you ride ___________?
  4. What’s that man doing on _________ of that house? Is he repairing something?
  5. We went to the theatre last night but _________ wasn’t very good.
  6. Do you think English is _________________ for people to learn?
  7. «Would you like ________?» «No, thanks. I don’t smoke».
  8. «Where is jack?» «He’s in ________. He’s cooking something.»
  9. Excuse me, what time is___________ to London?
  10. It’s ______________ today. Let’s go out.

Жаттығу №5.

Артикль қойыңыз:

  1. …Black Sea is in…South.
  2. France is to…northwest of Italy.
  3. Yerevan is…capital of…Armenia.
  4. …Russia occupies…eastern half of…Europe and…northern of Asia.
  5. We study…biology,…anatomy and…history.
  6. …Pr. Smirnov lives here.
  7. Rostov stands on…Don.
  8. The Black Sea is in…south.
  9. My friends went to…Urals.
  10. …climate of…northern part of…Russia is Severe.
  11. I want to go to…Alma-Ata some day.
  12. Australia…island or…continent.


6-жаттығу .  тиісті артикльді жазыңыз

  1. These are apples …_apples are yellow.
  2. On … Sunday I come to my_….grandmother. She likes to give me_…__ tea.
  3.  In the window we can see… face  of _… young girl.
  4. Better ____ small fish , than ____empty dish.
  5.  One cloud is enough to eclipse_____ dish.
  6. Please, clean ___ blackboard
  7. They say ___sugar is bad for  you
  8. we usually eat our meal in ___kitchen. But if we have ____ guest, we eat in ____ dining  room.
  9. Excuse me, where  is___  nearest  bookshop?  It is at ____ end of this street,   on ___ left. There is  _____ bus-stop in front of it.
  10. _____ first bus in the morning leaves at 5.30 a.m.



Сабақты қорытындылау:

Артикльдің неше түрі бар?

Артикльдер қандай жағдайда қолданылады?

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