“I’ll be a doctor”

Тақырып: “I’ll be a doctor”


  1. “What will you be?” (Сен кім боласың?) сұрағын қоя отырып ауызекі сөйлеуге мүмкіндік туғызу. Мамандықтар әлемінің әр алуандығы жайында түсінігін және оларды зерттеуге деген ұмтылысын қалыптастырып, оқушыларға мамандықты таңдауға көмек көрсету.
  2. Ойын арқылы балалардың есте сақтау, ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту

3.Оқушыларды жеке және топпен жұмыс жасауға және тапсырмаларды

ұқыпты орындауға тәрбиелеу.

Сабақ түрі: :жаңа  сабақ

Әдіс-тәсілдері: түсіндіру, сұрақ-жауап, ойын, жаттығу, иллюстрация.

Пән аралық байланыс: қазақ тілі

Көрнекіліктер: үлестірме қағаздар, плакаттар (жаңа сөздермен, құрылымдармен, сөзжұмбпқпен), суреттер, магниттер.

Сабақтың барысы:

I.Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

  1. a) T: Good day, girls and boys!

P: Good Day to you!

Good day to you!

We all in our places!

With sunshine faces!

T: Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What is the date today?

P:  I’m on duty today…Today is the ___ of February.

II.Фонетикалық жаттығулар:

T: In order to begin our new theme I want you to read a poem according to our theme. I will read, you should repeat after me. And you should say what about the poem is.

                                           I want to be a soldier

To watch our borders, peace

      And guard our people’s freedom

                                           And let them live at ease


To watch – күзету, қарау

— Borders – шекара

— Peace – бейбітшілік

— Guard – күзету

— Freedom – бостандық

— Ease – тыныштық —

III. Үй тапсырмасын тексеру:

T: Let’s check your home work. What was your home work?…

  1. IV. Негізгі бөлім

Жаңа сабақ:

  1. T: Now let’s read and pronounce new words according to our new theme. I will read and you should repeat after me and then find the translation from the pictures.

— A cosmonaut — ғарышкер

— A manager — менеджер

— A banker — банкир

— A designer — дизайнер

— A doctor – дәрігер

— A lawyer — адвокат

— A pilot — ұшқыш

— A receptionist – тіркеуші, секретарь

— A programmer — программист

— A singer — әнші

— An actor – актер, әртіс

— An actress – актриса, әртіс

— An artist — суретші


  1. b) T: Today we’ll have very interesting lesson. Our new theme is “I’ll be a doctor”. How will you translate? Today we’ll listen to the text according the theme, play games, and meet different kinds of professions; also you’ll try to choose your future professions.


  1. c) — T: Now you’ll listen to the text. You’ll listen to the text one time, and then we’ll try to find main characters and their future jobs.

Text: My future profession.

     My name is Didar. I am a pupil of 7th form. We have twenty pupils in our class. We know our future professions.

    Five of us will be doctors. Zhanat and Dina want to be singers. Asan, Murat and Medet will be pilots. Asel, Aigul and Samal will be designers. Four of us want to work in bank. Zhanna and Nurym will be lawyers. I will be a cosmonaut as Toktar Aubakirov and Talgat Musabaev.

     1) Who is the main character?

2) What about is the text?

3) What kind of jobs is there in the text?

—  T: Now you’ll listen to the text the second time, because you’ll do different tasks according this text using cards which I’ll give you.


  1. d) T: Let’s begin to work with cards. I’ll give each of you cards with your tasks. It can be

questions, “True or False” tasks or to speak about some facts.

     True or False:

  1. Didar will be a cosmonaut. – T
  2. Zhanna and Nurlan will be lawyers. – F
  3. Asel and Aigul will be doctors. T
  4. Medet will be a pilot. – T
  5. Asel will be a doctor. – F
  6. Medet wants to be a cosmonaut as Talgat Musabaev. – F
  7. Three pupils will be doctors. – F
  8. Four of us want to work in bank. – T



  1. Asel, Aigul and Samal will be designers. What will they do?
  2. Who wants to be as Toktar Aubakirov and Talgat Musabaev? What is their profession?
  3. Who are Toktar Aubakirov and Talgat Musabaev?
  4. How many pupils will work in bank? Who is the person who works in bank?
  5. Who wants to be a singer? Do you know Kazakh singers?
  6. How many pupils will be doctors?
  7. Who wants to be a lawyer?
  8. Who is Roza Baglanova and Roza Rymbaeva? Who wants to be a singer?
  9. Tell about Didar.



  1. e) T: Now, let’s play a game “Who is he/she?” In order to play you should have three groups. I’ll give pictures of professions and you should write it on the blackboard one by one. And who will have more right written words will be a winner.


  1. Бекіту.

T: ― In order to finish our lesson let’s ask each other “What will you be?” one by one.

― Now listen to pupils’ poems, who wants to tell us what they will be.

I want to be a worker                               I want to be a doctor

On a Kazakh modern plant,                     To keep the children strong,

And make machines and Lorries             And make their parents happy

For our Kazakhstan                                 And let them all live long


I want to be a spaceman                          I want to be a teacher

And go to the moon                                And teach my children nice

In our Kazakh rocket                              To read, to write, to listen

I’ll make this journey soon                     And give them good advise.


― Now tell me please what did we do at this lesson? What do you like?


  1. Оқушыларды бағалау

  VII .Үй тапсырмасын беру.Your home task will be  write the composition about    your future profession.


 VIII Қорытынды бөлім.