Ағылшын пәнінен тест



  1. Қажетті артикльді пайдалныңыз

  …. Almaty  is… most beautiful city in … Kazakhstan.

  1. a) a, — , the b) the, the, — c) -, the, —   d) a  the,  —   e) -, the, a


  1. Предлогтың дұрысын қой

Their garden is lovely … spring.  

  1. A) on b) about      c) on  d) in  e) –



3    Present Passive-тегі етістік   

   a ) don’t eat       b) is bought      c) have done        d) called         e) was made



  1. Сөйлемді толықтыр   He …..to study hard. 
  2. A) try        b) tries       c) tryd         d) shall try        e) trys


  1. Сын есімді табыңыз


  1.  a) overcrowded       b) record           c) fiction         d) hurt                  e) leisure


  1. Сөйлемді мағынасына қарай толықтыр : The city is…. than the country


  1. a) noisy b) more noisy       c) noisiest            d) the noisier               e)  noisier 


7   . Салыстырмалы шырайы бар сөйлемді тап


  1. a) He is taller than his brother
  2. b) Mum knows several languages.
  3. C) They were in their beautiful costumes
  4. d)  Are you the strongest in your class?            
  5. E) he is the best footballer


8 .Берілген сөздің  анықтамасы :  «news»

  1. a) Information for students
  2. b) Life in different countries
  3. c) Story of the daily life of a family
  4. d) Jokes and funny stories
  5. e) ) Information about what happening in the world


9  ‘ to be going to do’- осы шаққа қой   We … to watch a new film.

  1. a) am going b) are going c) was going             D) is going                   e) were going


  1. Қажетті сөзді тап They…… a book at 5 o’clock yesterday


  1. a) read b) were reading           c) is reading                   d) reads                e) are



11 . Қажетті предлогты қой     I’m very keen …. music     

  1. a) of b) on      c) by       d) at       e) about


  1. Ырықсыз етістің жасалуы


  1. a) Had + Infinitive
  2. b) To be+ present participle
  3. c) To be+ past participle   
  4. d) To be+ past simple
  5. e) To be +gerund
  6. Сөйлемді толықтыр When  they … their work, they went home.


  1. a) had finished b) have finished c)  finish  d) )  finishes   e)  finished 


  1. Үстеуді тап :
  2. a) Actually
  3. b) hypocritical 
  4. c) fur
  5. d) give up
  6. e) be suspended


  1. Етістіктің дұрыс формасын таңда      Two  weeks ago I ….. my birthday.


  1. a) have celebrated
  2. b) had celebrated  
  3. c) celebrates
  4. d) celebrate
  5. e) celebrated


16 Сөйлемді толықтыр  He  ..this exercise  yet. 

  1. A) have done
  2. b) did
  3. c) don’t
  4. d) doesn’t go
  5. e) hasn’t done


17  . Сөйлемді толықтыр     Your book is …    than me

  1. a) thin b) thinner                c) thiner              d)  most thin            ) more thin


  1. Қажетті  предлогты қой     They  were good  ….. physics
  2. A) in                 B)  for               C) by               D) about             E) at  



19 Предлог  қолданылмайды 

  1. A) Sunday
  2. b) Weekend          
  3. c) Six o’clock   
  4. d) Last week  
  5. E) January


  1. Difference –сөзінен сын есім жаса
  2. a) -er
  3. b)  -ent      
  4. c) – ous

d)- ible

 e)- tion



21 Сөйлемнің аудармасын тап        Хат жазылып  болған кезде  менің досым телефон шалды


  1. a) The letter had been written when my friend rang me  up
  2. b) The letter was  written when my friend rings  me  up
  3. c) The letter had been written when my friend rings me  up
  4. d) The letter had been written when my friend  had rang me  up

e )  The letter has  been written when my friend rings  me  up



  1. Қай сөз табына жатады ‘ sedentary ’


  1. a) Verb
  2. b) Noun
  3. c) adverb  
  4. d) Pronoun
  5. e) Adjective



23  Сөйлемге  сәйкес сөжді қой      Who is the …. of the shop?


  1. a) visit
  2. b) owner
  3. c) employ
  4. d) help

) care




1 Артикльдің дұрыс нұсқасын тап


Мarat can’t go to school , he has … flu

  1. a) a b) the c) any   d) —  e)  an


  1. Салыстырмалы шырайын ерекше жасайтынсөзді тап
  2. a) rich b) poor     c) clever     d) wide     e) far


  1. Салыстырмалы шырайы бар сөйлемді тап
  2. a) The textbook for English are more expensive than the textbook for Russia.
  3. b) Our neighbours have a very nice car.
  4. c) He likes to read interesting books
  5. d) My friend lives in a big house
  6. e) Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan.


  1. Күшейтпелі шырайы бар сөйлемді тап
  2. a) My younger brother likes to play computer games.
  3. B) They are going to visit interesting places of Great Britain.
  4. c) The books for Chemistry are more expensive than books for
  5. d) Astana is the most beautiful city for me.
  6. e) She lives in a new nice house.


Берілген етістіктің мағынасын тап    « to set out»

  1. a) to replace a thing b) to start doing smth to  achieve
  2. c) to go abroad d) to read aloud  e) to work hard


6  Етістіктің дұрыс түрін таңда

Our Granny ….. her favourite soap- opera  at 5 o’clock next week.

  1. a) Watch b) will watch c) be watching  d) will be watching  e) watches


  1. Сөйлемді толықтыр : Omar … to return home late.
  2. a) were going b) be going c) is going d) will going e) am going


8 . Предлогты тап     What  are the advantages …going  by train ?

  1. a) with b)on        c)in      d) for     e)  of

9 .  ‘place’ сөзінің антонимі 

  1. a) unplace b) replace c) implace d)inplace e)  ilplace


  1. Жұрнақ арқылы сын есім жаса «health »
  2. a) –y b)- able c) –al d) –ic  e) –ish


  1. Төл сөзді  төлеу сөзге айналдыр

 Мy sister said : ‘ I am going to study abroad.’

  1. a) Мy sister said I am going to study abroad.
  2. b) Мy sister said I was going to study abroad.
  3. c) Мy sister said I is going to study abroad.
  4. d) Мy sister said she was going to study abroad.
  5. e) Мy sister said she were going to study abroad.’


12 . Төл  сөзді төлеу сөзге айналдыр

      They said:  ‘We”ve done our  homework ’’

a ) They said  we had  done our  homework.

  1. b) They said they has done their 
  2. c) They said they had  done  their homework
  3. d) They said they do their  homework .
  4. e) They said: they had done our  homework


  1. . Сөйлемді толықтыр

If   we….  the environment  we…  longer.

  1. protect / would live
  2.  will protect /  live
  3. protect / will  live
  4. will protect /  will  live
  5. protected/ will live


  1. Сөйлемді толықтыр

       If  they ….. their room  it ….better.

  1. a) clean / look
  2. b) cleaned   / looked
  3. c) clean / would look
  4. d) would clean / look
  5. e) cleaned / would look


  1. Сөйлемді толықтыр

 London is divided into …… parts.

  1. a) 2 b) 3  c) 5  d) 6   e) 7


  1. . Сөйлемді толықтыр

In great Britain  when children are……. they go to junior school.

  1. a) 2  b) 3  c) 5  d) 7   e) 10


  1. Идиоманың дұрыс мағынасын тап Button your lip
  2. a) to stop playing the piano
  3. b) to stop watching TV
  4. c) to stop talking and be quite
  5. d) to stop eating sweat food
  6. e) to stop going late


  1. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасын тап        I’ m  tired.   I ….  all  day.
  2. a) work b) worked c) have been working  d) works   e) is working


  1. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасын тап       

 My mum ….. me new gloves because I…. my old ones.

  1. buy/ lose
  2. buys / have lost
  3. bought /  lose
  4. bought/ have lost
  5. bought/ had  lost


  1. Сөйлемді аяқта : When he entered the room …..
  2. a) they were talking b) ) they  talk c) )  they are talking D ) they have talked)
  3. e) they talked


21   Дұрыс предлогты қолдан

 She likes travelling ….. plane.

  1. of b) by  c) for d) to  e)  at


  1. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасын тап

When I entered the room my brother …. his homework.       

  1. a) do b) had done c) does  d) has done   e) is doing


  1. Сөйлемді толықтыр : She enjoys ….. books
  2. a) read b) ) reading c) reads  d)  has read   e)  ) to  reading


  1. Сұраққа жауап бер : Where should you go to see Niagara Falls? 


  1. a) China b) Russia   c) Nigeria  d) Canada  e) Ireland



  1. Дұрыс предлогты қолдан :


She’s worked at school …40 years.

  1. a) at b) in c) since   d) on   e) for