School rules

                                The plan of the lesson



Form:                                    7 “A,B”

Theme:                                  School rules

The teacher:

The aims:

  1. Educational aim:    a) to describe new lesson; b) to introduce with new



  1. B) Developing aim: train pupils and develop their reading and writing,

hearing and speaking.


  1. C) Cultural aim:            to develop mental activity and to develop their honest.


The type:                               Mixed lesson

Methods:                               Active board, Vocabulary method, grammatical method, question-answer, and play the games, doing the phonetic drill exercise.

Visual aids:                           Microsoft Power Point program, slides, pictures and games.

Literature:                            Internet, additional materials, “English” by Aiapova



                                    The structure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  2. greeting
  3. checking up the attendance
  4. to ask the date and the weather
  5. Checking up the homework
  • Phonetic drill exercise
  1. New lesson
  2. New grammar
  3. New text
  4. Doing exercises
  5. Resting time
  • Giving the homework
  • Putting marks
  1. The end of the lesson


The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:
  • Good afternoon, pupils!
  • Good afternoon, teacher!
  • How are you?
  • We are fine, thank you! And you?
  • I’m fine, too. Thanks, sit down, please!


  • Who is on duty today?
  • I’m on duty today.
  • Who is absent?
  • All are present, teacher!
  • Thank you, sit down!
  1. C)
  • So pupils, who wants to tell me? What date is it today?
  • Today is the 16th of February.
  • Thank you! And what season is it now?
  • It is winter now.


  1. Checking up the home work
  • So, what was your homework?
  • Exercise _________________
  • Who is ready for the homework?
  • I’m ready for the homework!
  • Please, read. Ok! Thank you!


  • Phonetic drill exercise
  • It’s our phonetic drill exercise. Listen to me. And than repeat after me! Ok?
  • Ok!

Of all the felt I ever felt,

I never felt a piece of felt

which felt as fine as that felt felt,

when first I felt that felt hat’s felt.


  1. New lesson


  • Do your homework on time
  • Arrive at school at half past one
  • Wear a uniform
  • Bring a letter from your parents if you missed your lessons
  • Stand up when a teacher comes into the classroom
  • Be quite in the classroom / in the library
  • Keep your classroom tidy


  • Be late for the lessons
  • Bring mobile phone
  • Run in the corridors
  • Chew chewing gums
  • Wear jeans or trainers
  • Make a noise during the lesson
  • Leave school at break time
  • Smoke














  1. New grammar
  2. New text
  • Doing exercises































  1. Resting time
  2. Giving the homework
























  • Putting marks
  • The end of the lesson