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The theme Look at the map
The aims of the lesson: ·  To get more information about the adjectives: comparative, superlative

·  Recognize layers of meaning of words;

·  Individual and group work

Objectives 1.      Warm-up

2.      Team work

3.      Team work “Reading for gist”

4.      Individual work “Project work”

5.      Expressions

5 min

10 min

10 min

10 min

5 min

The expected result


ü  They will know more about the types of adjectives;

ü  They will be able to recognize and learn new vocabulary words;

ü  They will be able to find derivatives.

The main idea To present/practise vocabulary related to class’s hobbies and interests

·         Play the next recording. Ss listen and repeat chorally or individually. Elicit the L1 equivalents from various Ss.

·         Explain the task and read out the headings, translating them if necessary. Read the example sentences aloud and then Ss work in closed pairs and write the words under the headings and make sentences of their own.

·         Ask various Ss around the class to read their sentences aloud to check Ss’ answers.

·         Working out: understanding the implication of the work and selecting material to suit it.

Assessment 1.      Learning/ Respond logs

2.      Discussion

3.      Individual whiteboard

Homework Ex 13 p117


  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Warm-up
  1. Brainstorming questions
  1. Check their homework
  1. Divide the class into two groups
  2. New theme
  1. Main part

Step 1: Team work

Look and read the words and match the words

* Complete the following table

Word Know It Well Have Seen or Heard It Have No Clue
statute, convention, legislation, legislate, executive, judiciary      

Assessment: Learning/ Respond logs

Step 2: Team work “Exersises”

Step 3: Team work “Project work”

*They should work in groups to prepare project work

Assessment: Individual whiteboard

  • Conclusion
  1. Expression of students about the lesson