Step 4. Jobs interview

Date:  21.12.2018  Grade: 9
Unit: Unit  IV. Work
Theme: Step 4. Jobs interview
The aim:  Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills, to pay attention to their pronunciation to teach work creatively
Developing: to continue the development of thinking, memory, to improve the experience of speaking skills, translating:
Bringing -up: to teach pupils to be attentive to each other. to practice in oral speech, to help pupils’ in choosing of future job.
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to: Learn new words and say a word about profession
  Most learners will be able to: Learn new words and do various tasks.
Some learners will be able to: Learn new words and speak about profession. Analyze given feedback.
   The expected result Students will enrich their knowledge about the jobs; they will practise working in groups and will understand the use and harm of the jobs; they will express their opinion on the theme
Inter subject Kazakh, Russian
Methods Brainstorming, hot chair, chair of author, ask — answer questions, explanation method, vocabulary, discussion method, crossword
Previous learning New words according to the professions
Pastoral Care Student centered teaching: respect, support and scaffolding;

To create a friendly atmosphere for collaborative work.

Promote a sense of self-esteem and self-respect and respect for others among all the learners.

The procedure of the lesson:
Time Stages of the lesson Resources
2 min Org. moment:


T: Good morning, dear children!

Sit down, please!

Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

Who is absent today?

3 min Warm-up:


Warm up.




5 min Checking


T: Let’s check your homework. Open your copybooks and I will look. Who is not ready for today? Your home task was: ex.8-9 T. Ayapova
5 min To solidify new material T: Dear pupils, I will write a poem on the blackboard and after this we will read it all together and translate.

T: OK. Now let’s write a dictation. All of you read these words at our last lesson and some of them you have already known. Repeat the words. You have 1 minute. Open your copybooks and write down the date and the word «Dictation».

T: Hello, everybody. The subject of our lesson today is “Jobs interview”. We are going to have a lesson — discussion, business game where various jobs will be discussed. You know that people must be tolerant to each other, so let’s start with saying compliments.
Group work
What do you already know about jobs? Working in groups.
Talk about what you know. Get together with a group of students to talk about what you already know about jobs Here are some questions to help you get started:
Ex 1. Read the new words and pay attention to their meanings while reading the letter below.

Apply (for),v [ә’plai] 1.      To make a formal request for something to be done, to be given.I want to apply for the job.

2.      To be about or important to:The school rules apply to us all.

3.      To put on: The doctor applied some medicine to the wound (жара)

1.      Өтініш тастау





2.      Манызды болу



3.      арналу

Supply ,v. [sә’plai] 1.      Provide or furnish

2.      Provide (a person with a thing needed)

1.      Керегін беру

2.      Ауыстыру, біреуді алмастыру

Enclose   [in’klәuz] To send something such as a document with a letter. Қосымша салу бір затты
Available , adj. [ә’veilәbl] Not to busy to do something. Қолы бос болу
Discuss, in person [disc  s] Talk about Талқылау, бетпе бет сөйлесу

A textbook by

T. Ayapova

20 min The main part:


Ex 2.Read the letter and answer the questions.

A job application

1.What job is Anna applying for?

2.Whom can she supply a reference from?

3.When is she available for interview?

The Manager

Sanzhar’s  Sports Club

75 Green Avenue

Hastings                                                      June 11,2011

Dear sir or Madam

1.I am writing to apply for the sports club receptionist at your sports club which was advertised on TV programme last Monday.

2.I consider myself to be reliable and hard-working. If necessary I can supply a reference from a teacher at my school.

3.I would be thankful for the opportunity to visit the sports club and discuss my application with you in person. I am available for interview any day after school.

I am enclosing my CV.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, yours sincerely

                                                                                              Anna Brown

Ex 3. Find more formal ways of saying the underlined phrases in Anna’s letter.

•          I am writing to ask you for the job of a reception at the sports club.

•          I think that I am reliable and hardworking.

•          I can give you references.

•          I would really like to visit the sports club…

•          … talk about my application face to face.

•          I am sending my CV.

Ex.4p.107 Read the interview and answer the question: Will Anna have the job?

“ A job interview ”

Manager:  How did you find out about the job?

Anna: I was watching  TV and saw your advertisement on it.

Manage: Have you worked as a receptionist before?

Anna: Yes, I have. I used to help my sister  at a local hotel.

Manage: How long did you work there?

Anna: About a year, part-time.

Manager:  Why do you think you’re the right person for this job?

Ex 5. Read the job advertisement (advert). Think of the qualities you may need for the job. Make notes with your partner. A shop assistant.

Ex 7. a Listen to the text below.

b. read the text about Charles Dickens.

While reading the story pay attention to these questions:

a.       Talk to your classmates

b.      What was his first job?

c.       Now read the text. Dickens the child. Dickens the writer. Dickens the man

Ex 8. Show the activities Dickens did with the help of a diagram. Draw a table of  this kind in your notebook.

A textbook by

T. Ayapova

1 min H/w: Open your diaries and write. Ex 10-11 p 110 diaries
1 min Reflection. I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you.

What have you learnt today?

What was the theme of our lesson?

What have you learnt today? Was it difficult for you? What was difficult?

3 min Evaluations So. Guys. I’ll give your marks.I want to evaluate your activities.

P1: You are the best one who works hard today.

Your English is good & I put excellent.

P2: You want to work industrious, but have some mistakes today. I put mark good.P3:… P4:…

Stand up, please!Our lesson is over. All of you did a good job. Thank you and good bye!