Step 4. Educational system of Canada.A famous woman astronaut from Canada

Grade: 10 Subject: English Date: 19.XII.2018
Theme: Step 4. Educational system of Canada.A famous woman astronaut from Canada
Aims: 1. Speaking about Canada, to get the main information about a famous woman astronaut from Canada.

2. To introduce new words; to improve their oral speech using new words; to develop their memory, thinking and speaking abilities; to bring up their interest in learning English and love to the native language.

Kind of the lesson: New lesson
Inter-subject: Kazakh, Geography
Method: Brainstorming, Author’s chair, Hot seat, Jig saw, explanation, group, pair, individual work
The procedure of the lessons: Teacher’s action
Org.moment: Good morning, pupils. How are you?

I’m very well. Thank you, sit down please.

Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?

Good morning, teacher!

We are fine, thanks. And you?

I’m on duty today.

Is absent today… / all are present

Key words: Well, children let’s begin our lesson Today we have a new lesson and an interesting lesson, First of all I want you to take cards with different coloures . First group : Education

Second Group: Astronaut. Please, take cards. According colours I want to divide you into two groups. Pupils with red coloures sit here How are you? What’s the weather like today?  Today we are going to talk about  Step 4. Educational system of Canada. A famous woman astronaut from Canada.

Teacher: We have read much about schools in the USA, Great Britain. What is common and   different in their school systems? What about educational system of Canada?

Speaking: T: Now let’s repeat the words from our last lesson. T: Attention! I will give you test with one exercise. Your task is to write it in your copybooks and at the end of a lesson you will hand over them. I will check your works and give you a mark.

P: OK. Is it difficult?

T: I know that you all are clever and this test for you – is your own chance to prove it. T: Time is over. I want you to with me an exercise on the blackboard. Write down all sentences from the blackboard and put the correct word into the sentences below. (5 мин)

Phonetic drill: match the words: appointed, legislative, executive, authority, majority, dissolve – заң шығаратын, басқарушы, таратып жіберу, тағайындалған, заң орындайтын, көпшілік.
Political system of Canada. Ex. 8.on page — 157.
Students give synonyms of the words: crisis, financial.
Crisis – big trouble, culmination, a time of great danger, a deciding moment or turning moment.
Financial – banking, budgeting, having to do with money.
They made up own sentences, put questions.

T: Now open your books on page 157 ex.1.Pre – reading task: Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word “Education”.

Ex 2. Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. Together put the words into different categories.

Ex 7. Talk to your partner.

What do you like best or don’t you like about education in Canada?

Would you like to study there? Why/Why not?

Writing: Ex 2.a before you read the chart read the following words first, then listen to the English words and practice the pronunciations.

Commodity- қажетті

Composition-тауар құрылымы

Ex 2.b read the chart. Listen to the English words and repeat them. Talk to your partner/class. Open your vocabularies and write down the new words. The first, I pronounce all words, and you listen to me with very attentively.

New words:
general – жалпы, негізгі

miscellaneous — аралас, жан — жақты
compulsory – міндетті

benefit — пайдакелтіру
elementary – бастауыш

obtained — қолжеткізген
secondary – орта

bilingual – екітілде сөйлейтін
kindergarten – балабақша

basic – негізгі

junior – кіші, жас

private – жекеменшік

nursery — ясли, балаларбөлмесі

admit – қабылдау

tuition — білімалу, оқу

fee – ақы төлеу, жарна,
public — көпшілік, халық, қоғамдық

capacity — жағдай, мінде

Hot chair” Questions about transcription

Reading: Ex 3. Read the text about the educational system of Canada. Are there any words you mentioned in ex 1. Give situations.


Students discuss the text, were their predictions right or wrong.

Ex 5. Read about some reasons why people choose Canada to study.

Ex 11. Read 5 paragraphs about Roberta Bondar. Match the paragraphs  with their titles.


NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration datum (singular) data (plural) – факт, мәліметтер


Roberta Bondar, in full Roberta Lynn Bondar   (born Dec. 4, 1945, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Can.), Canadian neurologist, researcher, and astronaut, the first Canadian woman and the first neurologist to travel into space.

Roberta Bondar became the first Canadian woman in space when she flew on Discovery in January 1992, on Mission STS-42. She began training as an astronaut in February 1984 after being selected along with five other Canadians. During her space flight Dr. Bondar served as prime Payload Specialist for the first International Microgravity Laboratory Mission.

Roberta was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where she attended school. A woman of varied talents, she became a medical doctor as well as earning a doctorate in neurobiology. She conducted research in Boston and Toronto before becoming an Assistant Professor at McMaster University in 1982. After intensive training to become an astronaut, she spent eight days in space. Following her historic flight Dr. Bondar returned to research and pursuing her many interests — including flying, scuba diving, and parachuting.

Practice: Ex 4. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences. Work with cards.
True – false quiz.

1. Education in Canada is completely the same as in America.
2. All schools have a 16 – grade system.
3. In the junior high schools schoolchildren are able to choose some subjects.
4. Vocational schools are for those who want to study at university.
5. Tuition fees are the same for all provinces.
6. Some high schools are commercial.
7. There are public non – university institutions in all provinces.

Ex 6. Match the highlighted words with their definitions.

1.      Bilingual

2.      Benefit

3.      Tuition

4.      Capacity

5.      Miscellaneous

6.      Obtain

Ex 11. Read 5 paragraphs about Roberta Bondar. Match the paragraphs  with their titles.

Educator for all ages C
Astronaut B
Childhood dreams D
Physician and scientist E
Photographer and author A


Ex 16. Complete the table

verb noun adjective
Differ Difference Different
X Agriculture Agricultural
Educate Education Educational
Recognize Recognition Recognized
Enjoy Enjoyment Enjoyable
Select Selection Selective
Continue Continuity Continuous

5 minutes

I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you.

·         What have you learnt today?

·         So, what have you learned from the lesson?

·         Was it difficult or easy for you?


5 minutes

At finally I’d like to thank you for you participation in our lesson, our discussion. Today you were very active and I hope that the theme of our lesson was interesting and useful for you. I’d like to know your opinion about the lesson.

Your marks for the lesson are…………….. .

Your home task Ex 16-17

See you tomorrow. All the best!