to increase students ‘ interest in learning English and develop its wealth.


The aims of the lesson: to increase students ‘ interest in learning English and develop its wealth.


Educational – revise educational material in an informal setting to introduce and develop students ‘ knowledge about the day of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UK.


Communication – to improve communication skills in the English language to bring to speech activities of students to the natural norms.


Educational – to develop oral speech, memory, attention, language abilities, students ‘ interests.


Equipment: computer, projector, a set of cards with points.



Procedure of the lesson

T.: Good morning, dear boys and girls! I am glad to see you today! You know that on the 22nd of September people of our Kazakhstan celebrate the Day of Languages. It is an important day in our country. The President of our Republic Nursultan  Nazarbayev  pays a great attention for development of the languages. He set the task to speak in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, but at the same time we don’t forget our mother tongue. That’s fine, because knowledge of languages is our wealth!


1 pupil

Қазақ тіліне арнаған әр күнімде, қазақ тілін қастерлеген өзге ұлттың балаларына қазіргі таңда қазақ тілін білу, үйренудің қажеттілігі орасан зор. «Еліміз өз тәуелсіздігіне қол жеткізгеннен кейін, ана тіліміз – қазақ тілі мемлекеттік тіл болып бекітілді. Болашағымызды баянды етер қаруымыз тіліміз. Ана тілімізді құрметтейік!»

2 pupil

Русский язык был и остается одним из ведущих мировых языков.  по числу владеющих им он занимает третье место в мире после китайского и английского. В Конституции Республики Казахстана записано, что казахский язык является государственным, а русский – может применяться в учреждениях как официальный. Русский язык обязательно обучается в школе.

3 pupil

English is a world language. It’s the language of progressive science and technology, trade and Cultural relations, commerce and business. English is spoken by more than 350 million people.

Teacher: I am very proud to see you here as participants of our Jeopardy [ˈʤepədɪ] Game. It is devoted to a mysterious, amazing world, the world of Kazakh and English. — First of all I’d like to introduce the rules of the game to you. We have two teams which are called … . there are five sections; in each section, there are five questions. According to their difficulty, each question may bring you from 100 to 500 points.  If the answer is correct, the team will get the number of the points the question costs. If you give the wrong answer you will lose a number of points according to the question’s rate, and the other team may try to give its variant of the answer.


So, if everything is clear to you, we are starting right now.


  • Kazakhstan
  • 100 points. What symbols of Kazakhstan do you know?
  • 200 points. What are the largest cities of Kazakhstan do you know?
  • 300 points. When was the declaration of Independence takes?
  • 400 points. Which city is this park situated?
  • 500 points. What countries border with Kazakhstan?
  • Great Britain
  • 100 points. How many parts are there in the UK?
  • 200 points. What is the weather like in England?
  • 300 points. What is the population of Great Britain?
  • 400 points. What is the sightseeing in London?
  • 500 points. Great Britain is separated from the continent by …
  • Riddles
  • 100 points. Қар сияқты аппақ, өзі сондай тәтті – ақ .
  • 200 points. Лежал, лежал, да и в речку побежал.
  • 300 points. The little old man who has 12 children.
  • 400 points. What has legs but cannot run?
  • 500 points. I have cities but no houses; forests but no trees; rivers without water;

what am I?

  • Food and drink
  • 100 points. What is the most popular drink in Great Britain?
  • 200 points. What food is it?
  • 300 points. Nauryz-koje is a nutritional rich soup that is cooked from 7 ingredients: Name them
  • 400 points. Which festival do British people eat these food?
  • 500 points. From what is made the Kazakh sary mai (butter)?
  • Your ability
  • 100 points. Recite any poem in Kazakh language
  • 200 points. Recite any poem in Russian language
  • 300 points. Recite English proverb
  • 400 points. Sing a song in Kazakh language
  • 500 points. Sing a song in English language



The results of the competition. Awarding.

Dear jury, we are looking forward to our final score.

(Жюри объявляет победителя последнего конкурса и общий счет игры).


— Our time is over. Thank you for your work. I hope it was interesting to ask and answer the questions and you could find a lot of interesting information.

The winner of the game is …!

Both teams have tried to do the best to win. You are really very clever and talented! I hope you will improve your English knowledge. Thank you!