My hobby

                                      Lesson  plan

Date :

Theme : “ My hobby”


Aims :1) To  develop students   skills  in   speaking and  listening; 

2)To  teach  them  to pronounce  the words  in  the  topic correctly;

3)To  rise  listening`s  interests  to  the  English language.


                The   Procedure  of  the  lesson   

   I.Org.  moment

.-Good  morning ,dear students ?

  • How are  you ?
  • Who is  on duty  today ?
  • Who is   absent?

II.Checking  homework.-What  was  your  homework ?- Let’s to  retell the topic

 “ At school”


III.Phonetic  drill.


equal — тең
adequate — жетерлік

attention — көңіл

indifferent — селқос

exact sciences — нақты ғылымдар

express — білдір-

to upset — қайғыға батыр-

gloomy — шытулы

infinite — шексіз

to translate — аудар-

to borrow — ал-, қарызға ал-

among — араның, арамен

  1. Presentation

Today  we  will  learn a new  topic  called “My hobby ”This topic include all information about  your life and what do you like to do .Let’s begin. Please write and read.


My Hobby

Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies.

I go in for sports, I like to play tennis. I go to play tennis every day. Sport is very important part of our life. Many people go in for sports, they jogging, walking, swimming, skating, skiing, train themselves in clubs and different sections.

Physical training is an important subject at school. Pupils play volleyball, football, basketball. Tennis became very popular now. I take part in different competitions.

To be in a good shape I’m jogging every morning and do my morning exercises. Everyone should do all he can to stay healthy and choose the sport he is interested in. I do not understand people who say that they like sport, but they only watch sport on TV.

If one goes in for sports he feels much better, looks much better, sleeps much better. Your physical appearance will change too. You will be slimmer and trimmer. And what is even more important you will not get sick often.

Why do I go in for sports? Because I think that it is very important for a man to be strong and well-built. Sport is not for weak, because, you have to learn how to lose, and it’s not easy. My favourite proverb says: «A sound mind in sound body». 


V .Practice. Answer to questions

1. 1. What subjects did you do?
2. Did you like them all?
3. What was your favourite subject?
4. Have you read any English books?
5. Was studying Grammar difficult for you?


VI .Home work. At   home   learn   by  heart  this  topic


VII. Evaluation. Your   marks for    today…


VIII. Conclusion. The  lesson  is  over, good  bye !