Can you read very well? 













Extracurricular open lesson

Theme: Can you read very well? 

Good reading

(For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th forms)




                                                         Written by: Usein Roza












Almaty 2018

Date: 24.09.18 y.

Teacher: Usein Roza

Form: For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th forms.

The theme: Can you read very well? 

Aims of the lesson:

  1. To develop pupils speaking, writing, listening, reading.
  2. To bring up pupils to respect each other and to be attentive, active polite, friendly.

Visual aids: Texts

The procedure of the lesson

The teacher’s greetings, introduction speech.

T: -Good afternoon pupils and our respectful guests! You are welcome to assembly hall of our school. Today we have Extracurricular open lesson ‘’Good reading- Мәнерлеп оқу’’.

The theme of our Good reading is Can you read very well? 

Pupils we learned English language. And we must read very well!

Well, we begin. Come on lets go! Pupils come here and you will choose texts. If you read well, you’ll get good marks from English teachers. Let’s start! We wish good Luck!


I’ll say the activities and you should show me.

Clap, clap, clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,

Stamp your feet together.

Touch, touch, touch your ears,

Touch your ears together.

Touch, touch, touch your cheeks,

Touch your cheeks together.

Text 1:

I’m 7 years old. My name is Masha. Every day I wake up at 7 a.m. and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, brush my hair and go to have some breakfast. My mother is a chef, so she cooks very well. My father is a doctor. He usually reads a paper in the morning. We have a cat. Its name is Bars. We are a small and happy family.

Text 2:

Hello! I am in Paris now. I like it very much. It is big and very interesting. I did some shopping on the weekend but it is very expensive here. There are a lot of parks. They are very beautiful. Yesterday we visited a lot of galleries and museums. The weather is perfect. It is warm enough to spend the whole day outside. I wish you were here.

Text 3:

I like reading. I read every day and everywhere. I take my pocket book with me. My favourite book is Harry Potter. I can read it a thousand times. My brother doesn’t like reading. He likes playing computer games. My mother is always angry with him — he doesn’t do his homework because of the computer.

Text 4:

Going to School

He eats his breakfast. He leaves his house. He walks to the bus stop. He waits five minutes. He gets on the bus. He puts in a quarter. He sits down. He looks outside the window. He sees his school. He walks to the bus door. He thanks the bus driver. He exits the bus.

Text 5:

A Nice Teacher

She is a teacher. She teaches third graders. She says «good morning» every day. She asks her students how they are doing. The students love her. She is good at her job. She does not get a lot of money. Teachers should get more money. They work so hard.

Text 6:

Black Friday

It is Black Friday. Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. A lot of stores have good deals. The stores are busy. The lines are long. People want to buy things. They buy clothes. They buy electronics. They buy cooking items. Sometimes people fight for items. It can get crazy.

Text 7:

A White Dog

She has a dog. It is white. It has short legs. It has pointy ears. It runs very fast. She plays with the dog. She throws a toy across the room. She tells the dog to go get it. The dog runs. She watches it. The dog runs back to her. The toy is in the dog’s mouth.

Text 8:

She is a Doctor

She is a doctor. She treats children. She takes care of them. She asks them what is wrong. She tells them everything is going to be okay. She gives them candy at the end. The children love her. She gives the prescription to the parents.

Text 9:

Pretty Girl

Kate looks at the magazine. The magazine cover has a pretty girl. She has long

hair. She has big, blue eyes. Her skin looks nice. She is a fashion model. Kate opens up the magazine. She flips to pages where the model is. She reads about the model. She wishes she could be her.

Text 10:

A Good Boy

Billy always listens to his mother. He always does what she says. If his mother says, «Brush your teeth,» Billy brushes his teeth. If his mother says, «Go to bed,» Billy goes to bed. Billy is a very good boy. A good boy listens to his mother. His mother doesn’t have to ask him again. She asks him to do something one time, and she doesn’t ask again. Billy is a good boy. He does what his mother asks the first time. She doesn’t have to ask again. She tells Billy, «You are my best child.» Of

course Billy is her best child. Billy is her only child.

Concluding stage:

  1. Giving marks.
  2. Teachers give diplomas for winners.