“The Kingdom of three languages”


The theme: “The Kingdom of three languages”.
The type: competition
The aims:
1. To develop the pupil’s pronunciation in English; to study English language;
to check their knowledge
2. To develop their thinking and speaking, pronunciation, memory reading,
speaking skills
3. To teach to be cultural person, to grow interest to English
The aids: interactive board, papers, pens, numbers.
Dear teacher and spectators! Welcome to our competition that calls “The Kingdom of three languages”. Let me introduce to you our players.
Our competition consists of 5 stages.
The first stage is “Baiga”
The second stage is “Polyglot”
The third stage is “Magic seven”
The forth stage is “Quick test”
The fifth stage is “Jorga”
And we have dear jury that will marks our players. Let me introduce them to you.
Players, are you ready for this competition? Then let’s begin.


  1. How many months in a year? (Twelve)
    2. What is the state language of Kazakhstan?
    3. What’s the capital of England? (London)
    4. How many days in a week? (seven)
    5. What country do you live in? (Kazakhstan)
    6. When is Nauryz celebrating?
    (The 22nd of March)
    7. What’s the season now? (autumn)
    8. What colour are the leaves in autumn?
    9. Eating in the morning is called what?
    10. What’s the official language of the United Kingdom? (English)


The second stage, which calls “Polyglot”. I will say you some Kazakh proverbs, you must find the missed words and translate into Russian and English languages.


1) Білімнің жолбасшысы
Шәкірттің қолбасшысы
( мұғалім – учитель – teacher )
2) Жіпке ілдім мен өзім,
Кіп кішкентай күн көзін
( шам – лампочка – lamp )
3) Жұқа тақтай бөлшегі
Ұзындықтың өлшемі
( сызғыш – линейка – ruler )
4) Төрт қырлы өзі аппақ,
Тақтадағы ізі аппақ
( бор – мел                                – chalk )
5) Үй ішін аралап, түнде көп жортады,
Қаптарды жарып, мысықтан қорқады
( тышқан – мышь – mouse )
6) Қағазды басып шығару құрылғысы?
( баспа – принтер – print )
7) Тілі жоқ өзінде, сөзі бар ізінде
( қаламсап – ручка – pen )
8) Ілулі тұр кең алаң,
Керегімді мен одан
Жазып алам көшіріп,
Сүртемін сосын өшіріп
( тақта – доска – blackboard )
9) Жеті өнер де аз..
( жігіт – парень – gentlemen /boy )


So the second stage is over. 2 players who got less balls must leave our competition.
The third stage is called “Magic seven”
20 сол жақ Great days:
This holiday honors our mothers, grandmothers, women in the world?
20 орта The places to visit:
The place for skating in Almaty?
20 оң жақ Sports and Games:
The Kazakh traditional horse races.
30 сол жақ
The Kazakhs celebrate this holiday on March 22. People pay each other visits, forgive wrongs and cancel debts?
30 орта The places to visit:
The old mausoleum in Turkestan. It is more than 1500 years old.
30 оң жақ Sports and Games:
This is an indoor game for two players. You need a special table, a racket for each player and a small ball.
40 сол жақ Great days:
One of the best holiday for children. The Americans celebrate it on October 31.
40 орта The places to visit:
The most popular place to visit in Kyrgyzstan – a huge lake that a trip to the mountains.
40 оң жақ Sports and Games:
An outdoor game for two teams of eleven players. The object of the game is to score a goal.
“Jorga”. The task is for you: to put the sentences in the right order. Are you ready, players? Let’s begin.


  1. What is the biggest river in Kazakhstan?
    a. Irtish b) Esil c. Syrdarya d. Sarysu
    2. What is the state language of the UK?
    a. German b) English c. Kazakh d. Russian
    3. When do people in Kazakhstan see the New Year?
    a.) 31 December – 1 January b. 30 December — 1 January
    c. 31 December – 2 January d. 30 December — 2 January
    4. Where is Moscow?
    a. It’s in Kazakhstan b.) It’s in Russia c. It’s inEngland d. It’s in Scotland
    5. Which of these animal fly?
    a. rabbit b. Dog c. cat d.) bird
    6. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?
    a. 12 regions b. 13 regions c.) 14 regions d. 15 regions
    7. When do we celebrate the Independence Day?
    a.) on the 16th of December b. on the 17th of December
    c. on the 18th of December d. on the 19th of December
    8. What colors are on the United States Flag?
    a. red, green, yellow b. black, orange, red
    c.) red, white, blue d. blue, orange, yellow
    9. What is placed on top of a birthday cake?
    a. cake b. cream c.) candle d. match
    10. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
    a. German b. English c.) Kazakh d. Russian


The next stage is called “Quick test”


  1. Big Ben is …
    a) a clock;
    b) a horse;
    c) a famous poet.
    2. The name of the Palace where the Queen lives is…
    a) the Tower of London;
    b) the Buckingham palace;
    c) the White House.
    3. What can you see in Trafalgar square?
    a) the Queen statue;
    b) Nelson statue;
    c) Princess Diana memorial.
    3. What can you see in Trafalgar square?
    a) the Queen statue;
    b) Nelson statue;
    c) Princess Diana memorial.
    5. Princess Diana was the
    wife of…
    a) Prince Harry;
    b) Prince Robert;
    c) Prince Charles.
    6. What is Piccadilly Circus?
    a) a square;
    b) a circus;
    c) a famous house.


All of you come to the blackboard. You must stand there as a circle and sing a song all together. Let’s sing a song “May there always be sunshine!”
Congratulation winners